A 28-day subacute oral toxicity study was performed in Wistar rats with a purified preparation of the commercial pentabromodiphenyl ether (pentaBDE), DE-71. The applied OECD407 protocol was enhanced for endocrine and immune parameters, and to enable benchmark dose analysis. A vehicle control group and 7 dose groups were included, which received 0. C-PentaBDE has been used as a flame retardant additive in flexible polyurethane foam for furniture and upholstery and in electronic equipment. The main source in North America and Western Europe has been the C-PentaBDE incorporated in polyurethane foam, used in domestic and public furniture. C-PentaBDE has been produced in Israel, Japan, US and the EU, but production in these regions ceased in the beginning of this millenium.

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Kvicksilver är ett väl-känt och viktigt ämne men mer aktuellt i övervakningssammanhang som metyl-kvicksilver i biota. Oktylfenol är en möjlig ersättare till nonylfenol och kan av detta skäl därför vara intressant att följa. För bl.a. endosulfan och pentaBDE är det vik- PentaBDE transfers from mothers to embryos and lactating infants.

Det finns risk för allvarliga hälsoskador vid långvarig exponering genom hudkontakt, inandning av damm och via intag av livsmedel. Yngre barn och vissa yrkesgrupper är särskilt utsatta. Se hela listan på chm.pops.int PentaBDE är namnet på en kommersiell produkt som använts för flamskydd. Den består av flera olika varianter av bromerade ämnen (kongener).


Search completed in 0.026 seconds. There is an immediate and pressing need to find non-toxic and environmentally friendly replacements for toxic flame-retardants such as pentabromodiphenyl ether (pentaBDE), octaBDE, and other halogenated and toxic products.

The toxic effect of PentaBDE PentaBDE mixture can be gradually released from older items made with polyurethane foam and plastics, into indoor environments such as houses, schools, day care centers, and offices. Once it is released from products, it can be present on floors, furniture and other surfaces, and in air and dust. TetraBDE and pentaBDE Alternatives are available and used to replace these substances in many countries, although they might also have adverse effects on human health and the environment. Alternatives might not be available for use in military airplanes. Technical pentabrominated diphenyl ether (pentaBDE mix) is a mixture of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) which has been widely used as a flame retardant.
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Posted on October 21, 2014. The report “Flame Retardant Market by Type (Aluminum Trihydrate, Antimony Oxide, Brominated, Chlorinated, Organphosphorous) and End-User Industry (Building & Construction, Electronics, Wire & Cables, Automotive) – Global Trends & Forecast to 2019” defines and segments the isocyanate market with an pentaBDE/octaBDE • Banned in Europe, effective August 2004 • U.S. production phased out, end of 2004 • Use banned in many states, generally effective in 2006 • No further U.S. manufacture, import or use without TSCA Premanufacture Notification (PMN) • Added to Stockholm POPs treaty – May 2009 Cambridge Isotope Laboratories offers 2,2',4,4',6-PENTABDE (BDE-100) 50 UG/ ML IN NONANE UNLABELED CERTIFIED STANDARD for all your research  8 May 2019 information from importers and manufacturers of pentabromodiphenyl ether ( pentaBDE) or of articles or mixtures containing the substance.

History and Etymology for pentad.
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Meaning of c-pentabde. What does c-pentabde mean? Information and translations of c-pentabde in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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Define PentaBDE. means pentabromodiphenyl ether or any technical mixture in which a pentabromodiphenyl ether is a congener. An IRIS assessment of commercial pentaBDE (CASRN 32534-81-9) was previously entered on IRIS on 08/01/1990. The commercial pentaBDE consisted mainly of pentaBDE (58%), tetraBDE (25%), and hexaBDE (13%) (Carlson, 1980a). An RfD of 0.002 mg/kg-day was derived, based on a no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL) of 1.8 mg/kg-day for PentaBDE and octaBDE mixtures were voluntarily withdrawn from the U.S. marketplace by their manufacturers at the end of 2004 and decaBDE was not to be manufactured or imported into the United States after December 31, 2013.